Seth Gopin
Ph.D., Rutgers University

Dr. Gopin’s academic interest is in exoticism in early 18th-century Europe and he specializes in the Franco-Flemish painter, Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, whose career was centered in Constantinople. His publications include an essay on Vanmour in Guardi: Quadri turcheschi, Galleria di Palazzo Cini, Venice, Italy, 1993; Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, a Painter of Turqueries, 1994;“Watteau’s Chinoiseries at La Muette,” Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1997; and “Jean-Baptiste Vanmour,” Venice, 2002.   He teaches several very popular art history courses at Rutgers including the 600-student class, Introduction to Art History, and a summer course in Paris, Spaces and Places: Historical Development of Space in the City of Paris.

For twenty years he has worked helping to internationalize the Rutgers curriculum and among his successes is the founding of the university’s many study abroad programs.  Several years ago he was appointed to serve as the Vice President and Director of Global Programs for Rutgers.  He is the author of “Visibility for your International Programs on Campus,” in Advocating International Programs to Campus Decision Makers, K.O’Connor and G.Ferrari, eds., Washington, D.C., 1996.

Dr. Gopin was recently knighted by the Prime Minister of France as a Chevalier in the Order of the Academic Palms for his work in globalizing French universities.